Adamari López cries when talking about her divorce

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Adamari López cries when talking about her divorce

For fans, Adamari may have hinted at why she decided to part ways with Toni Costa.

Why Adamari López decided to prioritize the well-being of her family over her relationship of more than 10 years with Toni Costa is something that the driver has not shared, and perhaps will not. However, a recent interview could have hinted at what happened to her daughter’s father.

Adamari opened her heart to the most painful moments in her life.

Cancer, the hard battles to become a mother and the death of her father are part of these life lessons, as well as her divorce from Luis Fonsi, a fact that gave her a great lesson about valuing herself and not waiting for someone else to do so. rate as she would like.

His words, in the video above.

“I think I had many difficult moments, for the first time after going through cancer and having divorced I went to a psychologist, it was something that I had never done,” he said in the conversation.

Thus, a few weeks after announcing the break with Toni Costa, the Spanish dancer seems to move on, making new solo plans.

Whether or not there will be a reconciliation, however, is something that only the former partner will define over time.

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