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Adamari López shares the ultimate proof of her weight loss

The presenter is very proud, because thanks to months of hard work, she managed to obtain the physical results that she was looking for so much.

Since the beginning of 2020, Adamari López shared with her fans that she decided to change her life drastically to live in a much healthier way.

With that idea in mind, Adamari underwent a demanding exercise routine and went on a diet to eat much better than in the past. In addition, he assured that his intention was not to reach a particular goal but that from then on he would live in a different way to spend more time with his daughter.

And it has been an incredible process! Adamari has shown over the months how much her figure has changed, boasting how good she looks and feels right now, showing herself with more confidence in the outfits she now wears.

And now, she herself has just shared the definitive proof of all the weight she has lost and that is that she shared some images of how much the way her clothes fit has changed.

Details in the video above.

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