Adamari López’s Ex Toni Costa: The Spanish-American Celeb’s

Toni Costa, a Spanish dancer and former contestant on season 2 of “La casa de los famouses,” is celebrating a major achievement – after a long process, he has finally obtained US citizenship. Costa moved to Miami many years ago in search of better opportunities and, along with his ex-partner, Puerto Rican actress Adamari López, raised their daughter Alaïa.

On April 20, 2023, Toni Costa shared the news of his achievement with his over two million Instagram followers. In a video, he is seen arriving at a government building to be sworn in as a US citizen, accompanied by his mother and uncle. After reciting the necessary words, he leaves the building with a small flag in his hand and jumps for joy, unable to contain his excitement.

Costa thanks his immigration lawyer and his English teacher for helping him through the process and states that the achievement is a product of his own work and effort. It is no small feat, as the process to obtain US citizenship and dual nationality is a lengthy one.

According to the official website of the United States government, the process includes immigrating to the United States, obtaining a permanent residency through a green card, and finally obtaining US nationality or citizenship.

Despite the ups and downs and the amount of time required, Toni Costa never wavered in his determination to become a US citizen. Today, he and his family are celebrating this significant accomplishment.

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