Adamari López’s Highly Anticipated Return to ‘Hoy Día’

Adamari López Takes a Break from “Hoy Día”

Adamari López has been a prominent host of Telemundo’s morning show “Hoy Día” since it debuted in 2012. Despite the changes in personnel, she has remained a popular favorite among viewers. However, for the last two weeks, she has been absent from the show.

The Reason Behind Adamari López’s Absence from “Hoy Día”

Since March 18, 2023, the Puerto Rican actress has been on vacation in the snow, enjoying ski lessons with her daughter Alaïa and close friends. Through her social networks, we can see that since Wednesday, March 29, she was already at home in Miami, as she posted one of her fun reels.

However, she did not appear on the show this week. Additionally, Penélope Menchaca was also absent from the program these days. Because of this, Lourdes Stephen joined as a guest host to fill the void.

When Will Adamari López Return to “Hoy Día”?

Adamari will make a comeback to “Today” on Monday, April 3. According to a Telemundo representative’s statement to People en Español, that day Penélope Menchaca will also rejoin the morning show. We can assume that the 51-year-old presenter wants to finish off her vacation, as skiing can be a strenuous sport. Therefore, she still has a few more days to unpack with peace of mind and enjoy with her daughter in a much warmer climate.

How to Watch “Hoy Día”

The morning program “Hoy Día” is aired on the Telemundo network. If you want to tune in, you need to turn to the channel at 7 a.m. ET.

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