Adela Noriega reappears completely unrecognizable

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The most recent appearance of the Mexican actress caused confusion and many comparisons with another actress.

What has happened with Adela Noriega? Will one day return to television? This is what fans and the media have been wondering since he starred in his last telenovela in 2008, Fire in the blood, a new version of the classic Passion of Hawks.

Since then, little or nothing is known about the considered one of the queens of soap operas.

According to some reports, Noriega settled in Miami, where he runs a very successful real estate company.

A few days ago, however, the hope of a return became evident after a video was published on the social networks of her sister, Reyna Noriega, that has generated all kinds of comments.

For some users, this is a vile montage. And it is that several assure that it is not about the Quinceañera star, but about Marlene Favela, with whom many consider Adela has an extraordinary resemblance.

All the details, in the video above.

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