Adele returns to sing to heartbreak: who is her new song aimed at?


Life smiles at Adele, both sentimentally and artistically. Last weekend, the English diva took a bath of crowds at her London concert in Hyde Park and could also boast of the good progress of her relationship with the agent of athletes Rich Paul, who curiously enjoyed the recital with the ex-husband of the interpreter, Simon Konecki, father of her son Angelo.

However, as far as the lyrics of her songs are concerned, the singer continues to bet on drama and heartbreak, as can be seen from a new song called ‘But I Want To’ that has been leaked this Monday to the British media. The verses speak of a person to whom she was not attracted, but to whom she would end up falling in love very much to her regret. And now she doesn’t know how to manage her life in common with a man she “hates to love.”

Unsurprisingly, some fans and professional polemicists have set to work to find the recipient of these harsh words. The Sun says that the -who knows- perhaps future single would be inspired by one of the many disappointments that the music star has taken in the past, but at the moment there is no sign that he may be talking about the father of his offspring or, worse, his current partner.

Shortly before her show in London, Adele stepped into the microphones of BBC Radio 4 to reveal, among other things, her desire to become a mother again. The artist wants to have two more children, this time with the representative of NBA stars such as LeBron James, so that Angelo, nine, can act as an older brother twice. “

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