Adjusted Seer’s abilities in Apex Legends after player feedback

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Respawn has released a new Apex Legends update that weakens battle royale’s newest legend, Seer, after a lot of criticism from players.

Seer, 10. Season He is the latest legend to join the Apex Legends roster at the beginning. While many people praised Seer’s design and capabilities (on paper), when Seer came to live servers, Many players believe that the character spoils Apex Legends. he thought.

balancing notes

As you can see in Respawn’s tweet above, Seer’s passive, tactical and ultimate ability has been weakened in many ways. Seer’s passive ability, Heart Seeker, now has a longer cooldown, reduced range, and reduced view.

Seer’s tactical ability, Focus of Attention, allows Seer to use a drone to damage and mark nearby enemies. Drones also interrupt all abilities available to enemies. Drones now take a longer time to explode and players marked with drones no longer take damage or appear from behind walls.

Also, Seer players will move more slowly when using Focus of Attention.

Seer’s ultimate ability, Exhibit, essentially creates a drone dome. The location of all players under the dome is revealed. Ultimate cooldown increased from 90 seconds to 120 seconds after the balance update. Seer players will now have to wait longer to use their ultimate abilities.

Although some players say that the balances are not enough, many players seem to be happy with the update.

Wesley LeBlanc is a freelance writer at MRT.

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