Adria Arjona Movies and TV Shows

Adria Arjona Movies and TV Shows

She was born in the United States on April 25th, 1992, as Adria Arjona Torres. She portrayed Dorothy Gale in Emerald City (2017), Anathema Device in Good Omens (2019), and Bix Caleen in Andorra (2018). (2022).

Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018), Life of the Party (2018), Triple Frontier (2019), 6 Underground (2019), and Morbius (2019) are just a few of the films in which she has appeared in supporting parts (2022).

In regards to her

Adria Arjona was born in Puerto Rico and raised in Mexico City, so she has been around the world and has been used to jetlag from a very young age. It wasn’t unusual for her to sleep in Guatemala and wake up in Argentina. Her mother, Leslie, is from Puerto Rico, and her father, Ricardo Arjona, is from Guatemala.

He is a famous singer-songwriter in Latin America. He often took her along on his tours so that she could soak up the atmosphere and absorb the influences of the artistic, musical, and free-spirited people he met. 

She uprooted to Miami when she was twelve and stayed there until she was eighteen, at which point she boldly decided to relocate to New York City on her own. Her father made the difficult choice to ensure that she had no safe havens or easy privileges to foster her development as an individual and a professional.

Top Film & TV Roles for Adria Arjona

Andor’s Bix Caleen may have been the show-stealer, but her real-life actress, Adria Arjona, has many more noteworthy films in her back catalog. Star Wars fans interested in Arjona’s work should investigate her existing credits.

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Rotten Tomatoes has sorted through her filmography and determined, based on critics’ opinions, which are the greatest. Arjona’s versatility as an actress is on full display in the wide variety of film and television projects she has fronted, with each role showcasing her knack for capturing the essence of the moment.

Triple Frontier in 2019

This is not Arjona’s first film, but it is one of the most prominent. In the movie Triple Frontier, Arjona co-starred with the likes of Pedro Pascal, Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, and Sheila Vand. Arjona played Yovanna, a key witness who must be smuggled out of Colombia with her brother.

In the film, the protagonists are a group of retired special operations soldiers who have come out of retirement to complete this task. It’s daring, gritty, and action-packed, with Arjona proving to be a crucial catalyst by driving the film’s themes and supplying some of its own violent sequences.

True Detective (2015)

With her guest appearances on a wide variety of hit shows, Arjona has become a household figure thanks to the rise of modern television. The hit shows True Detective is among them. The inspiration for the show came from real-life police officers dispatched to unravel a sinister plot.

It’s safe to say that Arjona’s portrayal of Emily will be long remembered, even though she isn’t one of the series’ primary protagonists.

Her primary function was to lend gravitas to the tragedy of the loss of Paul Woodrugh, her fiance and the father of their unborn child. Arjona handled the story’s complexities gracefully as she considered whether or not she should continue with the pregnancy.

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Monsterland (2020)

The strange and magical in Monsterland intersect with everyday life, making for a fascinating premise. Horror fans may tune in to this anthology series to see what happens when supernatural beings like mermaids, creatures, angels, and monsters try to meddle in the lives of regular people.

Dana, played by Arjona, is a mermaid stranded on shore and rescued by Trieu Tran’s Sharko, a fisherman. It’s an elegant performance that skillfully combines many styles. While the show has been well received, Arjona’s installment is incredibly captivating.

Father of the Bride (2022)

Arjona is no stranger to the action or criminal genres, and she showed in Father of the Bride that she could easily transition into tragic comedies like Father of the Bride. Father of the Bride’s basic plot was inspired by the two films before.

Despite the story’s familiarity, Arjona breathed new life into the role of the Bride, Sofia Herrera, with her engaging performance. Arjona and her on-screen father, played by Andy Garcia, have great chemistry and provide the film’s emotional core as they reflect on their relationship with their daughter on the eve of her wedding.

Good Omens 2019

The Good Omens movie, based on the novel by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, satisfied its many fans. Good Omen was a masterclass in adapting classic stories for the small screen; it was whimsical, high-stakes, and unafraid to throw itself into the source material entirely.

The show’s producers cast Arjona as Anathema Device, a young witch and prophecy reader who builds a strong bond with Newton Pulsifer (Jack Whitehall) in their mission to avert the end of the world. Amid all the mayhem and confusion, she is a welcome beacon of sanity.

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Andor (2022)

Arjona’s popularity as Bix Caleen has skyrocketed after only a handful of episodes. Nothing is categorically good or bad in the Andor cosmos. Caleen follows this protocol, supporting Cassian Andor in various ways while remaining covert.

She plays a pivotal role as the story’s exciting protagonist, drawing in readers and viewers alike. It’s rare for Star Wars to introduce a new character who instantly becomes a fan favorite and brings something fresh to the series. Arjona was an excellent pick for the role of Caleen because of the nuance with which she played the character.

Irma Vep (2022)

Irma Vep, a drama based on the film of the same name, is one of Arjona’s most recent TV appearances. Starring Alicia Vikander, it tells the story of an actress who moves to France to prepare for a job that will be psychologically taxing on her.

Arjona plays Laurie, an ex-lover, and secretary to Alicia Vikander’s Mira, who is a significant cause of Mira’s inner turmoil. Although this is another complex character for Arjona to play, the success of the performance proves that she never leaves room for doubt in her ability to carry a scene on her own.


She was born in the United States on April 25th, 1992, as Adria Arjona Torres. She portrayed Dorothy Gale in Emerald City (2017), Anathema Device in Good Omens (2019), and Bix Caleen in Andorra (2018). (2022). All of her well-known film and television credits have been discussed. Keep an eye out for more material like this coming soon.

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