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Adriana Fonseca: the nightmare she lived with an ex-partner who almost ‘killed her’ – MAG.

The mexican artist Adriana Fonseca He is living one of the best stages of his life, as can be seen in his redes sociales. In addition to being an actress, she works as a content creator and is happily married, but she didn’t feel that way all the time. Recently, the 42-year-old woman opened her heart to the world and revealed a strong episode that she had to experience several years ago.

Fonseca You have undoubtedly gone through a turbulent path to find the peace you feel today; and it is that in the television program of Imagen TV “The sun rises” He told about the time he lost a son and how the leading actress Victoria Ruffo He helped her out of the hole in which she was submerged by a highly toxic relationship that was killing her inside.

The millions of followers of the protagonist of “Brave Heart” They were shocked by the strong revelations he gave in the interview and did not hesitate to offer him words of encouragement through social networks. Find out all the details of this story below.

Before starting a stable and healthy relationship with her manager and producer, Iker Calderón, the Veracruz woman lived through some romances that affected her hard for several years.

“If I had to live relationships, some with louts and others with manipulators or toxic people. In one of those relationships I paid a very, very high price; I think I could not go into details because it is something very strong “Fonseca revealed to the Mexican program.

The actress also told how it was that Ruffo saved her from continuing in the vicious circle of an excessively harmful relationship that had her living through an ordeal and that if it continued, it could have caused her death:

“Victoria Ruffo, who I love and adore her, pulled me out of the hole when I was in between ending and not with this mega toxic relationship. She told me ‘this man is going to kill you’. And yes, if I had continued in that relationship, something worse than what happened to me would have happened to me ”.

As someone who had bad experiences in her courtships, the actress is not indifferent the high rate of femicides what is in your country. She knows how difficult it is for a woman to get out of an abusive relationship, so she understands perfectly the fear that these people can feel:

“In those moments it is very, very difficult to realize that the other person is manipulating you, that it is wrong, that it is toxic and that you are worth it. If this happened, too bad. It’s not your fault, it’s something that unfortunately happened. For me it is incredible that there are this amount of femicides, that Mexico is one of the countries that top the list. The truth, I have also been afraid “.

Likewise, it revealed that he was afraid to walk at night in the city where she was born, where she was visiting a few months ago: “Last November, December I was in Mexico, in Veracruz, where I am from, and Veracruz is one of the highest places of femicide and, sometimes, I was afraid to walk in the street, sometimes I was afraid to walk at night” .

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