AEVI alert: emulating retro games can have consequences "even criminal"

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Piracy, the use of emulators and the illicit possession of ROMs are elements that have long been the subject of countless debates in the video game industry. And in recent years there is a product that has proliferated especially fast: arcade consoles, also called retro consoles, which on this occasion have been placed in the objective of AEVI, the Spanish Association of Videogames. The agency has issued a statement in which it pronounces on them and warns about the possible violation of the law in which their use may derive.

The content of some retro consoles, under suspicion

When we talk about retro consoles, it is mandatory to separate official products such as PlayStation Classic Mini, Super NES Classic Mini or SEGA Mega Drive Mini, among others, from those consoles that are not signed by the companies that market them, including their own titles inside. The AEVI has focused on the latter, warning that in many cases host illicit copies of video games ready to run via emulators.

Jose Maria Moreno, general director of the organism, has warned about the possible infractions that would be committed when using this type of products: “the circumvention of the technological protection measures established on any device, including video consoles, or in a video game to proceed with the emulation it is a civil and even criminal offense“, Explain.

In addition, the AEVI has also wanted to remind users about the damages that some practices of doubtful legality may cause, informing that in certain cases, “the violator of the exploitation rights of the owner of a video game, as well as who evades the measures protection technology, you may face a prison sentence from six months to four years and a fine from twelve to twenty-four months ”.

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Source | AVI (Spanish Association of Videogames)


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