Afghan Terrorist Detained After Entering US Through Tijuana With Migrants

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Person on Terrorist Watch List Arrested Crossing Northern Border into US

On May 10, a person on the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) terrorist watch list was arrested among a group of migrants after crossing into the United States from the Mexican city of Tijuana, Baja California. The governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Ávila, stated that US authorities confirmed the arrest, but provided no details about the person’s entry into Mexican territory.

Lack of Cooperation Between Mexico and United States

Activist Albert Rivera Colón, director of the Ágape Misión Mundial shelter, said that this situation shows the lack of cooperation, intelligence, and information that exists between Mexico and the United States, which has allowed the transit of this type of person across the border. The situation, according to Colón, is likely to become politicized and serve to justify an increase in security on the border.

Proliferation of People Traffickers

The lack of cooperation between the two nations has triggered the proliferation of “polleros” (people traffickers) in the region, according to Colón. He noted that intelligence against these traffickers is either weak or not working.

Call for Stronger Border Control

Supervisor Jim Desmond of San Diego County’s fifth district confirmed that the detained person was of Afghan nationality and crossed the border with a group of migrants. The detention should serve as a reminder to President Biden and the Federal Government to maintain strong border control, he added.

Lack of Information and Details

The US authorities have not released further information about the detainee, who could have taken advantage of the now-closed camp between the walls of the border. There is no news on how they intend to proceed with the detained person’s case.

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Changes in Immigration Regulations

While Title 42 was instrumental in expelling undocumented migrants due to the pandemic, Title 8 allows migrants to request asylum upon arrival at the border. However, they must meet strict criteria such as having applied in the countries through which they passed or be quickly deported.

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