After Joey King and Kaia Gerber, who is Jacob Elordi’s new girlfriend?

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The protagonist of Euphoria found love in a 22-year-old youtuber. Learn all about the beginning of this striking romantic relationship.

Jacob Elordi found love in a famous youtuber.
© IMDbJacob Elordi found love in a famous youtuber.

Jacob Elordi knows very well what it is about living under the gaze of paparazzi and fans who always want to know what happens in their sentimental life exactly. It is that after being part of very relevant projects such as The kissing booth in Netflix Y Euphoria, which is currently airing its second season on HBO Max, the actor had romances with Joey King and Kaia Gerber. But … who is his new girlfriend?

It was for November 2021 when Jacob Elordi (24) confirmed his breakup with Cindy Crawford’s daughter. And neither of them wasted their time: a month later, Kaia was linked to the actor. Austin Butler, whom they captured leaving a yoga class together. It was not only she who rebuilt her life as quickly as possible, but the interpreter who plays Nate Jacobs, would have already found a new partner.

His name is Olivia Jade (22) and she is the daughter of the actress Lori Loughlin, who – it is worth remembering – was in prison for trying to bribe a university to admit his heirs to the institution. The scandal was behind us and Olivia stood out for eight weeks in the contest Dancing With the Stars. “I want to show people that I have a strong work ethic.”, He had remarked at the time.

Today it is publicly shown with one of the protagonists of Euphoria. The cameras have left evidence that they enjoyed a coffee in the neighborhood Silver Lake in Los Angeles with other friends. As mentioned by a close friend of Jade to E! News, the couple would be “Casually dating”. This source remarked: “They are hanging out and seeing where it goes, but definitely are interested in each other. It has been very easy and fun, and Olivia is very happy when she is with him“.

Apparently everything is going well in this new romance and they would even have celebrated the New Year together at an acquaintance’s party. “Olivia and Jacob have many friends in common. The two are currently having fun together”, Said this member of the youtuber’s environment. Has Jacob Elordi finally found the love of his life?

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