After Outlander, is Sam Heughan getting closer to Peaky Blinders?

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More than once, Sam Heughan declared that carrying his Scottish origin throughout the world is his greatest pride and, it was with Outlander How do i do it. In the series, which follows the lives of the ancient Scottish clans, he plays landowner Jamie Fraser, a member of the country’s most iconic highlands, and this character was the one who launched him to international fame to the point that today he is one of the actors of the moment.

Sam Heughan como Jamie Fraser. Photo: (Starz)

In fact, thanks to Outlander, Sam Heughan He also managed to increase tourism in his country. Also, this is something he achieved thanks to his program with Graham McTavish, Men in Kilts, which he just said goodbye to, but which was also a great success on Starz Play. But now, many projects are coming to an end and, therefore, the doors are opening for others that will probably continue to connect them with their origins.

Is that, rumors have just jumped that indicate that Heughan would be the surprise addition to the final season of Peaky Blinders. Although this information was not confirmed by any member of the Cillian Murphy series, the indications that this would occur are in Sam’s networks, who does not stop referring, through his clothing, to the look used by Tommy Shelby during the strip.

The first postcard Heughan uploaded along with Ellis's comment.

The first postcard Heughan uploaded along with Ellis’s comment.

The first time that Sam Heughan made a small approach to Peaky Blinders was in August last year when he published a profile postcard in a heavenly place where he wears a typical Tommy Shelby beret and, what’s more, his great friend Tom Ellis did not overlook the similarities. “Peaky McBlinder”Wrote the star of Lucifer to his colleague, who could not help but laugh at the comment and, from there, the relationship between the Scottish heartthrob and the character of Murphy did not stop.

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Although, the snapshot that could include, immediately, the cast of Peaky Blinders, was shared on May 13. “Dress for the storm”Was the phrase with which Heughan accompanied the photograph in which he most resembles Cillian and which, according to many fans, brings him closer to the series that will soon premiere its sixth and final season.

Even so, beyond the fact that many wish to see the star of Outlander In another project as successful as the one starring Cillian Murphy, everything seems to indicate that it will not happen. In all the leaks that have been made of the filming of the last edition, his name was never mentioned and, in addition, the actor is on vacation to, later, immerse himself in the filming of the seventh season of the series based on the books by Diana Gabaldón.

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