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After Sky Rojo on Netflix, this is what Lali Espósito is preparing for Amazon Prime Video

Lali Esposito he never ceases to amaze with his talent and tireless work. With a great professional present after premiering the second season of Sky Red to Netflix and as a jury of The Argentine Voice, the actress and singer already has her mind on her next project that will involve Amazon Prime Video. Here we will tell you everything that is known so far and why his followers are full of expectations.

The role of Wendy In the Spanish series, it undoubtedly marked the artist’s career. A charismatic, rebellious character with a deep story behind, he was the key to winning the love of all the viewers of Sky Red. But the young Argentine is not stagnating and, despite having achieved great success, today she is fully involved in another promising project. It is the adaptation of the book by Tamara Tenembaum, The end of love, which will become a series produced by and starring Espósito.

The series will be based on the autobiographical novel El fin del amor (Editorial Planeta).

Published in early 2019, this autobiographical novel presents a young woman born in an orthodox Jewish community who learns “the affective and sexual customs of the secular world as an anthropologist who discovers the ways of being and doing of an unknown civilization”. With this phrase as a premise, Lali and the author will be the executive producers and it has already been confirmed that the content will be available on Amazon Prime Video.

The project has already started its filming and that explains the change in look of Lali, who in the last week dyed her hair pink in order to play the new character. As for the cast, the presence of her best friend has already been confirmed Candela Vetrano and the performances of Mariana Genesio Peña, Mike Amigorena, Andrés Gil, Verónica Llinás Y Juliet Ortega. Likewise, it is speculated that they could join the cast Violeta Urtizberea Y Eugenia “China” Suárez, his great companion in strips produced by Cris Morena.

Lali Esposito

Lali’s change of look has to do with her new project (Instagram @lalioficial).

Erika Halvorsen will be, together with Tenembaum, in charge of the script of each of the episodes of The end of love. The author was responsible for writing for television Loving After Loving Y Death of love. In addition, he worked in film in The Red Thread, with Eugenia Suárez and Benjamín Vicuña, and in You will wish your Sister’s Man, starring Carolina Ardohain and Mónica Antonópulos.

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