After the series, Outlander could become a musical: are they still Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe?

There are few times that a period series encompasses drama, history and fiction at the same time, but Outlander It achieved this by beating the typical strips. In fact, when it was included in Netflix, after its success in Starz Play, its expansion throughout the world made it one of the most viewed and most chosen by all users not only for the level of production, but also for the plot that star Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe.

She, a woman from the future, he a landowner from the oldest Scottish Highlands and heir to the leadership of two of the most important clans. Jamie Fraser and Claire Beachump cross their destinies in this love story featuring Outlander and that it was devised for Diana Gabaldón, who wrote eight books about it and, on November 23, will publish the ninth, after years.

Ronald Moore, Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan y Diana Gabaldón. Photo: (Getty)

However, everything seems to indicate that Outlander it will end its broadcast on the small screen with a seventh season. The filming of the sixth edition ended more than a month ago and the production announced that it will be extra short since it will only have six episodes, while the next one, which has not yet started filming, will be much longer with 16 chapters available.

That is why, many fans began to speculate about a possible end of the series in the seventh season which could only arrive in 2023. Although, to the tranquility of many, the love story of Jamie and Claire has a lot of life ahead of it already. that now the idea of ​​capturing the same plot arose, but in the theater!

Of course, it should be clarified that this idea was not launched by the production of the Starz drama, but rather It was Tom Ellis, the protagonist of Lucifer, who announced his intention to make a musical of Outlander. During an interview with his friend, Sam Heughan, the Netflix star not only expressed his desire to have worked on the series, but now wants to have a job with the protagonist of this drama.

Tom Ellis is the one who wants an Outlander musical.  Photo: (Getty)

Tom Ellis is the one who wants an Outlander musical. Photo: (Getty)

Maybe when we’ve both finished our series, we could work together”Ellis launched and instantly proposed to Heughan:“Why don’t we Outlander: the musical?“Even so, Sam confessed that he does not know how to sing, but the one who does have experience in standing in front of the microphone is Tom, so it would be a totally epic duo, to which Caitriona Balfe could also be added.

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