Against the cloud trend: DB Vertrieb GmbH continues to use Jira

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DB Vertrieb GmbH uses agile methods and modern deployment processes to create the digital travel experience for customers. They expect up-to-date information, booking and travel companions. In order to achieve these goals, the monolithic system architecture is changing with long innovation cycles in the direction of a modular microservices architecture with minimal technical dependencies. In this way, individual services can be exchanged quickly and flexibly if required.

In addition to other tools, DB Vertrieb GmbH also uses Jira – a project management tool that includes functions ranging from requirements management to agile software development. Atlassian is moving its products to the cloud and has not been selling server licenses since February 2021. Customers who do not want to go along have to look around for an alternative – suitable tools can be found in a market overview in the new iX 9/2021. DB Vertrieb still wants to continue using Jira.

When was Jira introduced at DB Vertrieb GmbH and why?

The first efforts to develop a new tool were made at DB Vertrieb GmbH in mid-2016 in the area of ​​data management. There they wanted to switch to a Kanban-oriented tool for processing tariff and price data deliveries. In addition, there was a desire in development areas to replace a requirements database that was outdated at the time with a modern tool such as Jira.

What were the most important decision criteria for DB Vertrieb GmbH when choosing Jira?

Atlassian’s market penetration was a key factor in the decision. With its extensive product range, Atlassian is very widespread and has a very large community. Most IT folks are familiar with these tools and know how to use them. There are also very good service providers on the market who can advise you on introduction, customizing and technical migration. An additional criterion was of course the ease of learning and usability. In addition, it is a little cheaper compared to some of the other tools on the market.

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Were other tools evaluated when making the decision?

Yes, there was a shortlist of three different possible tools. Back then, IT was still using proprietary tools based on IBM Lotus Notes, but these were simply useless, especially in an agile context. In the end, the decision was made relatively quickly and without excessive discussions. It was clear that Jira was the best fit for us under all circumstances.

Were there any problems within the organization when you opted for such a tool?

In a large corporation like ours, its use naturally also depends on other factors. The works council must give formal approval for such an introduction. When introducing such a tool, which will later be used by around five hundred people, it is important to involve the relevant employee representatives at an early stage and proactively. If you want to use such a wide range of tools at Deutsche Bahn, you need a company agreement. It took time to create it, but in the end it was not a problem for the entire implementation project.

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