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Age Gap Couple Cheryl and Quran Share Major Baby News

Famous Couple Cheryl and Quran McCain Share Exciting Baby News

Famous age gap couple Cheryl and Quran McCain have provided a significant update as they expect their first child together. Age gap relationships, predicted by Bumble to be a major trend in dating for 2024, still face societal stigma. Cheryl, 63, and Quran, 26, have been combating this stigma by sharing their journey on TikTok.

The couple, often in the spotlight due to their 37-year age difference, recently announced they are welcoming a baby into their lives after a challenging search for a surrogate. Cheryl, already a mother of seven and grandmother to 17, expressed her desire to experience parenthood with her younger husband.

In their latest TikTok update, the couple shared an exciting gender reveal event. The video started with a playful prank where Cheryl and Quran popped a balloon releasing multi-coloured confetti. Eventually, pink confetti and smoke cannons revealed the couple is expecting a girl. The joyous moment saw them embracing each other in celebration.

Their followers filled the comments section with congratulatory messages. One user wrote, “CONGRATS CHERYL !!!!!!!!!! WISHING THE BEST FOR YOU AND YOUR BEAUTIFUL FAMILY.” Another commented, “So happy for you Cheryl, I think you are a sweet and kind lady.” A third added, “Congratulations to you both. She will be so loved.”

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