“Agent who rejected Shakira’s debut album now sells rare 90s cassette”

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Shakira is a world-famous singer who took the music industry by storm. However, it may surprise you to know that she had humble beginnings as an unknown artist in 1991 when her uncle was looking for a representative in Spain. Her uncle gave a promotional cassette of the Colombian singer to an entertainment agent named Jaume Estruch in Barcelona, but he was not interested in the artist.

Despite not seeing the potential in Shakira’s music, Estruch kept the cassette as he felt it was a musical “jewel”. He had his representative office in the Guinardó neighborhood of Barcelona, ​​in the same building as Shakira’s uncle. One day, Shakira’s uncle came down to his office to inform him about his niece’s singing career in Colombia and how he was looking for a representative in Spain.

Although Estruch kindly declined to represent Shakira, he kept the cassette that had songs composed by her such as “Sueños”, “Cazador de amor”, “Gafas oscuras” or “Necesito de ti”. He has kept it for 30 years, and now he has decided to sell it on the Todocoleccion.net portal for 1,200 euros (1,300 dollars).

It’s interesting to note that Estruch did not see the business opportunity in representing Shakira at the time. When he passed up the chance to promote a teenage Shakira in Spain, his company was known in Barcelona, ​​which was in “full swing” prior to the 1992 Olympic Games. Nevertheless, Estruch believes that the singer’s uncle visited her office simply because of proximity.

Shakira’s debut album was not commercially successful when Sony released it in Colombia. Few units were sold, and the artist was not successful in the beginning. However, she kept trying, and “another manager told her to change the register”. Eventually, she released her third album in 1996, which worked well throughout Latin America and marked the beginning of her successful musical career that continues today.

When Estruch realized that the voice recorded on that almost forgotten cassette was that of Shakira, he did not give it much importance. However, he has continued to work as an artistic representative and organizer of shows, and he currently has offices in Barcelona and Andorra. Although he passed up the opportunity to promote a teenage Shakira in Spain, he has continued to make a successful career for himself.

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