Agile software development in the company: Early bird discount until August 29th

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On September 14th under the name “Agile software development in the company ” An online conference will take place, which will highlight the most important aspects of the topic in seven lectures. The early bird discount is now valid until August 29th; a ticket for the whole day costs 149 €.

Although the agile manifesto has existed since 2001, agile software teams are still struggling to implement the concepts in their company. The experts the online conference get to the bottom of the causes and offer solutions and techniques with which a company-wide implementation can succeed.

The wide range of topics of the conference is also reflected in the various practical presentations by the speakers. Starting with a comparison of agile and fixed-price projects through the digitization of a trade fair with Scrum methods, participants also learn how the corona pandemic has changed agile cooperation, how they can develop software less slowly, and how they deal with contradictions in their organization in their agile work and how you can critically question concepts of agile software development. The conference thus provides participants with valuable knowledge to use the techniques effectively and beneficially.

After the early bird discount has expired, the event costs 199 euros. The conference is also available afterwards in full and including access to all conference materials. You can find more information on the conference website.


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