Agreement between LaLiga and CVC Fund may have repercussions on Brazilian football

Agreement between LaLiga and CVC Fund may have repercussions on Brazilian football

Recife (Brazil), Aug 18 (EFE) .- LaLiga’s agreement with the CVC Fund, approved by 38 clubs in the first and second Spanish divisions, will have an impact on Brazilian football, which is already making movements in this regard, he warned this Wednesday the lawyer and specialist in international sports law Eduardo Carlezzo.

“The announcement that the clubs finally want to create a National League to manage Series A and B of the Brazilian Championship caught everyone’s attention in June this year” and with the agreement in Spain, countries such as Italy, the United States and Brazil, among many others, they walk in that direction, Carlezzo pointed out.

According to the lawyer, who has already litigated before FIFA on behalf of clubs and federations from various countries, in Brazil “foreign funds and resource managers would be interested in carrying out any negotiation with this entity in gestation”, which would be a local version of LaLiga.

Among the competences of a new entity would be to “collectively negotiate a new agreement for the transmission of the games as of 2025,” the Brazilian lawyer said in a statement.

BTG, one of the main investment banks in Brazil, entered the sports market in July this year and, according to the specialist, the reflection “on a smaller scale and speed” of the world of football business in Europe in the South American country will start because it is “entering the radar of foreign investors.”

Thus, it is possible to “replicate a strategy similar to that implemented by the City Football Group and buy clubs in different countries. And that in Brazil is to look for talent, the best players and take them to Europe or the United States, generating sporting and financial gains. with these transfers “.

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There are sufficient reasons to imagine that we have a well-defined long-term horizon, which will undoubtedly be an inducer of more business in the sector. At the end of the day, anyone who enters to invest in soccer knows that he is entering a long-term operation, “he quoted.

The agreement reached in Spain, from which Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Athletic de Bilbao and Oviedo abstained from signing, will allow an injection of about 2,700 million euros for the domestic competition.

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