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'AGT' Young Dancer Astonishes Simon Cowell with Impressive Moves

‘AGT’ Young Dancer Astonishes Simon Cowell with Impressive Moves

America’s Got Talent is back with a fresh, new season. Recently, a young dancer put on a show during his audition, wowing Simon Cowell and the rest of the esteemed panel with his spectacular moves.

America’s Got Talent is back with an all-new season. As with all fresh seasons of the show, long before they ever crown a winner, the panel of judges needs to go through all of the auditions to separate the extraordinary from the regular.

As longtime fans of the show have seen, even if you don’t necessarily win the title, just being on the show and making it far can be enough to launch an entirely new career. So, even in the early stages of the auditions, it’s extremely important to make a good first impression.

In current America’s Got Talent scenes, the judges are elbow-deep in the audition process. While this can be a grueling time, it’s also the first time for viewers to be able to see what this new season will offer in terms of talent. It’s a time to pick early favorites before you see how far your favorite acts could potentially go on this new journey.

Already, based on the America’s Got Talent auditions so far, there have been a handful of talented acts drawing attention. The one thing that sets AGT apart from other talent competition shows is that it’s not all about singing.

Whatever talent someone has, whether it’s singing, dancing, comedy, or something else, they can bring it to the stage and shoot their shot. In this aspect, the talent pool is diverse, and it keeps things fresh, especially as participants climb the ranks in the later rounds.

Based on recent auditions, an 8-year-old dancer stole the show during his time to shine. Brody brought the house down with his contemporary dance routine, with iconic band Queen as his chosen soundtrack. Not missing a beat, Brody added all sorts of flips and twists into his dance number, bringing the audience to their feet.

Not only did young Brody nail the choreography, but, he had the attitude and moxie to match, truly selling the performance from start to finish. Boss Baby Brody proved why he has that nickname, as his performance even got a standing ovation from the notoriously critical Simon Cowell.

Simon Cowell praised Brody’s “amazing showmanship and confidence.”

Brody’s spectacular moves earned him a yes from each of the four judges, and many America’s Got Talent fans can’t wait to see what else he does over the course of this season.

Source: TV Shows Ace