Agtaha House of Harkness: Kathryn Hahn dodges questions about Mephisto in WandaVision spin-off

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Since the announcement of Agtaha House of Harkness, one of the new series of Marvel Studios that will arrive in the future to Disney+ and that, in this case, was born as a spin-off of the celebrated Scarlet Witch and VisionLittle else has been known about the return of the WandaVision villain and her own show. Now, the actress who gives life to Agatha, Kathryn Hahn, he has visited The Drew Barrymore Show as a guest, where she has been asked by Drew Barrymore herself about her new series, not without focusing on the character of Mefisto, one of the most commented theories of WandaVision and that never materialized.

Kathryn Hahn talks about her new series and Mephisto

Thus, Agtaha House of Harkness is still under development and has not even entered pre-production, so the actress it doesn’t seem like it knows too much. “I didn’t even know the title of the series until it was made public, as if they kept it very hermetic,” says Kathryn Hahn herself.

Even so, Barrymore has not wanted to miss the opportunity to ask about Mefisto, a character that has always been rumored for the WandaVision universe but did not finally make an appearance. Again, Kathryn Hahn assures know nothing: “I keep hearing that. I have no idea. That was like a big thing during WandaVision, but who knows, I think anything is possible right now, but I have never heard anything definitive about that ”.

At Drew Barrymore’s insistence on Mephisto, Kathryn Hahn tries to deflect the issue by talking about her character: “By diverting the issue from that question, there’s something that feels really cool to play, like, you know, we think of a witch, and immediately you think of a woman who is noisy, who is mysterious, who is dangerous, because she is complicated and misunderstood. And all that excites me a lot as a performer in terms of delving into this person a little more ”, concludes the actress.

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For now there are no specific details of the series Agtaha House of Harkness or a possible release date on Disney +.

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