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AI Transforms Stranger Things into an '80s Japanese Horror with Terrifying Vecna

AI Transforms Stranger Things into an ’80s Japanese Horror with Terrifying Vecna

Hints about possible “Stranger Things” spin-offs had been around for a while before a revelation in 2022 teased a new series set in Japan’s capital, Tokyo. The Duffer brothers, creators of the original show, discussed this project on the “Happy Sad Confused” podcast, as reported by What’s on Netflix. They excitedly shared that an animated series was in development, placing the story in the 1980s. This series would center on two brothers, passionate about video games, living near Tokyo and becoming entangled in interdimensional adventures.

Matt Duffer emphasized that “Stranger Things Tokyo” would be markedly distinct from the main show, asserting it would be “1000% different.” He noted that while it would tie into the “Stranger Things” universe, the focus would largely be on the narrative style rather than simply continuing the existing storyline. Following their announcement, details about the series have been sparse. The one significant update arrived in 2023, when Netflix officially confirmed a “Stranger Things” animated series was indeed underway, leaving fans to speculate if these two announcements refer to the same project.

This lack of detailed information isn’t surprising given the series’ history of secrecy. Even the release date for the next season of “Stranger Things” remains elusive. Despite alleged leaks of the Season 5 episode titles, concrete information about the show’s return has not been disclosed. Fans can only hope that once Eleven’s story wraps up, the narrative will transition to Tokyo, bringing a fresh perspective to the “Stranger Things” universe.

Source: What’s on Netflix