Airbnb updates its use policy in cases of harassment

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We are in the middle of August and there are not a few who have made a reservation somewhere in Spain or abroad. Despite the pandemic that has not yet resolved, leaving even the autonomous community is a necessity and some have chosen to reserve their site through Airbnb. The company is aware that there may be a problem during stays and now will update the use policy to avoid arbitration in cases of harassment between hosts and visitors.

New Airbnb policy

The application use policies are important as a user to know the rights and duties you have when using a service. All apps have it and, from time to time, you have to take a look at this text that as soon as you activate the software it appears and everyone skips. This happens in all apps, but there are some that deserve a read, even if it is short, such as Airbnb.

And it is that the application to rent apartments has made a small but necessary change in its policy of use against sexual harassment. Unfortunately, trips are not always fruitful for the good and terrible cases occur in which it is necessary to file a complaint for acts that vexing hosts or guests. It is in these cases that those who have suffered this abuse have reported these behaviors to the company, qwho has had to conduct private arbitration.

Now, Airbnb’s new policy abolishes this arbitration, making those who have been victims of sexual harassment or abuse during their stay. The company states on its blog that “incidents of sexual assault are extremely rare on Airbnb, but in these rare cases, Airbnb’s highly trained security team works with survivors to prioritize their well-being.”

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This new feature will take effect next fall, when this update to Airbnb’s usage policy is finally made. On the other hand, the company has stressed that what it wants is to guarantee a reliable way of traveling and “is based on the idea that strangers can trust each other.” Fortunately, there have not been many cases of abuse reported to the company, but it never hurts to provide options so that users feel more comfortable and safe with their trips.


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