Airbnb will have an option that verifies the speed of the WiFi of the house you are going to rent

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If you are a great traveler, you surely know dozens of sites where you can book your accommodations wherever you go. And not only do you have the option of having hotels available, you also have the apartments where you can stay. The same happens if you are a person who travels for work, you will need all the comforts to do your chores wherever you go. It is in this second audience where he has focused More Airbnb with its function that tells the speed of the WiFi.

You will finally have the possibility to see the speed of your Airbnb’s WiFi

It is a fact that many users rely on Airbnb to decide their vacation destination. It is one of many options that you have at your disposal as an internet user, and each time it is posited as the first option for those who are looking for a special and private place as far as possible. But every time users are more demanding in their needs.

This is not only noticed by the guests themselves, but also by the application and they demonstrate it with the arrival of new features that will help users choose a better accommodation. And it is that in the section of the specifications of the place where you are going to stay you will find things like is the WiFi speed. The firm has realized the importance of teleworking, something that you need to take your office wherever you want.

No images of the new feature have been seen yet, but depending on what counts CNet in its lines, more options are on the way for users to rent a place for the duration of their stay or for a long period of time. In the case of wireless Internet connection, it is important to highlight that it is something verified, so there will be a process in which the company makes sure that the landlord has this service and the quality it has.

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Other new Airbnb features

As we told you, Airbnb is working on new features to keep guests of the homes it advertises happy. Having WiFi is almost a must for those who need a place to work, but there are things that will help owners too. These news are a translation tool and one that provides the ability to rent the space one year from now, to go in advance.


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