Aislinn Derbez confesses why she has not wanted to start a new relationship since her divorce

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Despite the various rumors that have surrounded her on this issue, Aislinn Derbez accepts that she does not feel safe, nor free to take that big step.

Ideally, after a love breakup, those involved go through a stage of mourning, where they try to close cycles in order to move on and, why not, give love a new chance with another person.

This type of process, of course, is not easy to carry out when you are a celebrity who shared important moments of your relationship with the fans. This is the case of Aislinn Derbez and Mauricio Ochmann.

And it is that after just over six years together and a common daughter, in March 2020, they announced their separation, which became official in the middle of that year. In this time, both have been romantically linked to other people to such a degree that the theory of an infidelity by the actor was managed as the cause of their divorce.

The truth is that both Aislinn and Mauricio have spoken openly about how their love was transformed and stopped being that of a couple, which does not break at all with the great love and respect that both feel for each other.

Thus, a year and a half after this event, Mauricio Ochmann decided to publicize his engagement with the model Paulina Burrola, a fact that generated all kinds of comments and harassment from his followers and media.

But … what about Aislinn Derbez?

While the actress was related to photographer Jesh de Rox and the influence Jonathan Kubben, has maintained his position: he is alone, working to heal the wounds of his separation.

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And, he recently confessed, the divorce left him several traumas regarding love, in addition to another series of insecurities that he does not yet know how to deal with as a public figure.

All the details, in the video above.

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