Aitana & Sebastián Yatra’s Love Story: The Celebrity Duo from Spain

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Aitana, known for her role in “La última” on Disney Plus, recently announced her split from Miguel Bernadeu, her boyfriend since 2018. Shortly after the breakup, rumors of a romance between her and Colombian singer Sebastián Yatra began to circulate on social media. The rumors were confirmed when the Spanish celeb attended Lele Pons and Guaynaa’s wedding with Yatra and revealed an important truth in their collaboration on “Los Ángeles.”

The love story between Aitana and Yatra dates back several years before Miguel Bernadeu and even includes Claudia Martínez from “The Island of Temptations 5.” But how did they meet? The couple first met during “Operación Triunfo,” where Aitana came in second place, and Yatra performed as a guest at the 12th gala. Both had the opportunity to collaborate on two occasions with the songs “Corazón sin vida” and “The doubts.”

But when did their romantic relationship begin? It is reported that the couple began dating last Christmas, shortly before Aitana’s breakup with Miguel Bernadeu. However, their attraction would take even longer, as Yatra had already confessed his feelings to Aitana in 2020 when he separated from Tini Stoessel. Despite this, Aitana decided to continue her relationship with Miguel Bernadeu, for which Yatra dedicated “Couple of the Year” to her.

It was only Aitana’s fleeting romance with Claudia Martínez that made her decide to leave Bernadeu and commit to Yatra. Even Aitana’s parents have a better relationship with Yatra than they did with Bernadeu, and they support her in selling the apartment which she shared with her former co-star.

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The story of Aitana and Sebastián Yatra’s love is long-lasting and filled with coincidences. From their first meeting in “Operación Triunfo” to their recent appearance at Lele Pons and Guaynaa’s wedding, the couple showcases their love for each other in every way possible. Their journey could not have been predicted, but with every step they take, their love continues to grow stronger.

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