“Aitana’s Sensational Comeback After Celebrating Her 24th Birthday in Iceland with Sebastián Yatra!”

Aitana Ocaña’s routine continues after a few days of vacation.

This Thursday afternoon he starred in the poster for LOS40 Básico Santander, a concert held at the Teatro Eslava in Madrid in which he reviews the most emblematic songs of his career and the new proposals included in Alpha, his third studio album.

In the emblematic room of the capital, where the ‘no tickets’ sign has been hung, she has arrived with a purple minidress and ready to live another magical night with her faithful audience.

His presence has also generated great expectation since it was his first public appearance after disconnecting in Iceland, together with Sebastián Yatra!

The phobia that Aitana is managing to overcome… thanks to Sebastián Yatra?

Sebastián Yatra’s great moment with the Aitana’s parents: “If I had a daughter, I would do the same”. True to her secrecy regarding personal issues, the La Voz Kids coach has not shared any images with her program partner during her stay on the European island.

However, now that the trip has come to an end, Yatra has shared a video in which he leaves no room for doubt: he made this getaway in the company of Aitana.

The interpreter of Red Heels, Treacherous and A Night Without Thinking has shown on video one of his favorite moments, a geyser expelling a large column of hot water, which is one of the main attractions for tourists who visit the island. “Probability 0.001%. I don’t even believe it,” he said excitedly.

Sebastián Yatra in Iceland 2023, after the breakup of the artist and actor Miguel Bernardeau.

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And it is that the stay in Iceland has coincided with a very important event for the former contestant of Operación Triunfo: her 24th birthday. “After many years, I knew that this was going to be a different birthday. It is true that I have always been a very sensitive/emotional person, but I suppose that sometimes the body prepares itself because it knows that something new is coming or what do I know,” he assured.

The most unknown story of Sebastián Yatra: son of an influential family who had to flee Colombia

Aitana Ocaña Return with Yatra to an important place been to Iceland in 2015 and remembers it as “the place where I enjoyed the most and learned with my family”. She was clear that she would return to this destination with which she feels so connected and she has done so eight years later with Yatra, with whom she has chosen to live her day to day.

When taking stock of the new return to the sun, she acknowledges feeling lucky and defines 2023 as a year of changes in which she has much “to learn, travel, heal, celebrate, fight, enjoy.” He will travel this exciting path ahead of him alongside the singer from Medellín, with whom he also shares his passion for music.

Precisely the country where Yatra was born will host Aitana’s visit in December, since it is one of the most of his international tour. In October she will kick off in Spain and the last two months of the year she will be in Mexico, Uruguay, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Chile and Argentina.

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Aitana leaves behind “a year of changes” and blows out 24 candles in Iceland.

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