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Akita: King Pig Thinks Pink: this is the new Spanish hand-drawn metroidvania

Akita: King Pig Thinks Pink It is a two-dimensional metroidvania with hand-painted scenes, paid by the Spanish studio Karuma Game Studio and from next September 7 it will seek funding through a campaign on KickStarter (you can follow it through the following link). The team, founded in 2018 and made up of four people, has not hesitated to show what their main sources of inspiration are: the art of Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, the playable elements of Hollow Knight and Shantae and the Seven Sirens, as well as Akira Toriyama’s sense of humor. Next we leave you his trailer.

Akita: King Pig Thinks Pink | All you need to know

The history of the game puts us in the shoes of Akita and Lucy, protagonists of the title. Both are forced to investigate the origin of a strange evil that is causing the appearance of monsters in the Kingdom of Fansia. The adventure offers the possibility of playing both alone and in the company of another person thanks to the cooperative multiplayer, which works locally. We leave you a review of the main features of the game.

  • Traditional handmade animation– The world, characters and enemies are completely hand painted and reminiscent of the cartoon series of yesteryear.
  • Metroidvania type exploration– The stage is designed to offer different areas, hidden secrets and puzzles.
  • Sense of humor: the study ensures that the sense of humor is simple, and that it will entertain all audiences equally.
  • Universal language: the game does not have text dialogues; instead there will be icons, bullets and animations.
  • Varied bestiary– There are more than 50 types of enemies that roam freely in the Kingdom of Fansia.
  • Field skills: we will meet allied characters who have exclusive abilities, essential to access new paths and advance in the story.
  • Akita: King Pig Thinks Pink to Debut Funding Campaign on KickStarter Next September 7th. It is scheduled to arrive on PC via Steam, and one of the expanded goals will be its launch on Nintendo Switch.

Source | Karuma Games Studio (Press release)


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