Al Borde: the recommended Netflix series for this Saturday night

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At the border premiered a few weeks ago and is already a real hit on Netflix. Unlike many phenomena that have been generated on the platform, this story has a simple script and gives us an interesting look at moments of everyday life. Perhaps that is why it has captivated audiences so quickly.

This original idea of Julie delpy, remembered for being the protagonist of the saga Before, and the also French actress Alexia Landeau, focuses on four best friends over 40 years old, who are dealing with different issues at this stage in their lives: heartbreak, passion, work and their children.

The series is interesting wherever you look at it. It is located no less than a few months before the coronavirus pandemic and perhaps that seasoning makes it even more special. Meanwhile, another interesting point in this story is that each character has something striking, something to tell about what happens to him. In case of Justine and her husband is one of them. A toxic bond that seems to be worn out and without passion.

Another character, Yasmin, at 46, is trying to recover her career even though she is aware of how competitive and cruel the market is with a person of more than 40 years in these times of globalization and social networks.

Julie Delpy is the creator of Al Borde (Photo: Netflix)

Undoubtedly, the show gives us a portrait of life without too many expectations or idealizations, it simply seeks to tell reality, that is, what can happen to anyone. In fact, for that reason, it is very easy to identify with the characters even when they are of another age. At the same time, At the border stands out for its spectacular cast led by Julie Delpy, Alexia Landeau, Sarah Jones y Elizabeth Shue, who give us committed and credible interpretations in the twelve episodes that the series lasts.

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