Alan Wake Remastered will have to remove trademark references from the original

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Alan Wake Remastered will have to remove trademark references from the original

Given the trademark licensing for Alan Wake’s cult classic (originally released in 2010) they expired long time ago, the next remastering of the title will not have some commercial references of its predecessor when it launches on October 5, 2021.

According to an article by Screen Rant, Remedy is ready for remove some real-world products from the game when it launches next month. Since the trademark agreements expired, a public relations representative from Alan Wake Remastered confirmed that the remaster will replace their sponsored ads by a generic brand within the game universe.

Aside from its otherworldly setting and its cult classic status, Alan Wake’s original release also became known (bridging the gap) for its large number of brand offers. Product placement in the psychological thriller managed to infiltrate in different ways: from the settings, to the core elements of the title game. When exploring the quaint mining town of Bright Falls, fans will likely They’ll remember the Verizon billboards that stood proudly along the forest-lined streets of the game, even after nightfall.

However, the title did not stop there, as several core elements of the game they also brought with them exclusive links with different brands. From searching everywhere Energizer brand batteries as a vital source of power for the flashlight of Alan, up to including vehicles made by Ford and Lincoln, gamers were never far from finding a familiar corporate logo in the game.

The inclusion of real world products in Alan Wake it’s something that divided his fan base. While some gamers resist the idea of ​​consumers receiving real-world products during an avoidance experience, others found that gave the title a certain realism. On a Reddit thread detailing Remedy’s decision to replace old brand-name products with generic brand ads, one fan seemed particularly angry at the idea of ​​using anything other than Energizer batteries to turn on your flashlight:

To see more of the upcoming remaster, be sure to check out the game’s reveal trailer (above), which debuted at this month’s PlayStation Showcase. It will be interesting to see, in case there is an Alan Wake sequel on the way, if that game gets the same generic brand. or if the real world ads come back.

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