Alanis Morissette reported that she was raped by several men when she was 15 years old

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Alanis Morissette reported that she was raped by several men when she was 15 years old

The passage of time allowed Alanis Morissette take a real dimension of a traumatic situation that he went through more than three decades ago. As revealed in Jagged, a documentary that covers part of her life, the singer was sexually abused when she was 15 years old. “It took me a lot of therapy to admit that I had been a victim”, He recognizes in the audiovisual material he was able to access The Washington Post.

During a passage of this production that will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival and will be available on HBO, the author of “Ironic” recounts how the rape affected her psyche. “I always said that I was consenting, and then they reminded me ‘you were 15 years old, you are not giving your consent at 15’. Now I’m like ‘yeah, they’re all pedophiles. Everything is a violation of minors, ‘”explained the 47-year-old artist.

One of the aspects that are reflected in the documentary is how the music industry covered up these types of events. “I told some people and it fell on deaf ears“Says Morissette, who was abused when she took her first steps after signing a contract with the Canadian record company MCA. And he adds: “The fact that I did not speak about my experience as a teenager was almost solely because I wanted to protect: protect my parents, protect my siblings, protect future partners.”

Referring to those who might underestimate her case just because of the time that has elapsed, the winner of 7 Grammy Awards points out: “You know that a lot of people say ‘Why did that woman wait 30 years? And I’m like ‘a la m …’. They don’t wait 30 years. No one was listening or his livelihood was threatened or his family was threatened. Women don’t wait, our culture doesn’t listen to them”.

Morissette did not mention the name of any of the abusers. Although his presence at the Toronto International Film Festival was expected to speak on the subject, it was already announced that he will not attend the premiere of Jagged. Several versions affirm that he is not satisfied with the work of the filmmaker Alison Klayman and there is speculation that he may launch a statement to make his discontent public.

As its name implies, the film will focus primarily on Jagged Little Pill, an album that marked a before and after in his career. It is considered one of the most successful launches in history for its commercial achievements and the awards it obtained. It is also the fifth best-selling album by a female artist. and the fourteenth best-selling work of all time (over 33 million copies).

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