Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner will meet again in an act that will serve to relaunch the last two years of management

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Alberto Fernandez Y Cristina Kirchner will meet again this Friday in a massive event with which the government will seek to show unity, summarize his first two years of management and throw the last two of administration in front of the Casa Rosada.

The President and Vice President have not seen each other since the end of the campaign of the Front of All in Merlo. On that occasion, the snub of the Senate head to Alberto Fernández was clear and the cameras only captured moments of tension and distance between the two.

Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner will meet again

At first, the event was going to be used for Alberto Fernández to regain centrality, but then Vice President Cristina Kirchner confirmed her presence and from the hard-line Kirchnerism sectors they began to give impetus to the march. The former president of Brazil Lula da Silva It will also be another of the speakers.

Máximo Kirchner himself summoned “fill the Plaza de Mayo ” next December 10 to offer “A demonstration of will to transform”.

You have to seriously bust the Plaza. That day I invite the Argentine people to embrace someone who, like Cristina (Fernández de Kirchner), suffered judicial persecution and who will once again be president of Brazil, ”insisted the son of the Vice President.

An act to relaunch the management for the last two years

The call is part, in turn, of an idea raised by the head of state himself after the defeat in the legislative elections and consists of have a more mobilized political force.

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A strong presence of social movements, political groups, among these is expected. The field and the presence of unions is not ruled out. The Government seeks to take away the political tone of the act by ensuring that it is a celebration of all Argentines but Máximo Kirchner buried this idea by inviting the people to “Hug someone who like Cristina (Fernández de Kirchner) suffered judicial persecution and who will once again be president of Brazil”, in clear allusion to Lula.

The defeat in the legislative elections – which the Casa Rosada Rosada considered a triumph by having shortened several points in the province of Buenos Aires and in other Peronist districts – did not provoke new storms in the Government. On the contrary, close to the President they assure that the relationship with Cristina Kirchner is going through moments of calm.

However, the differences between the two regarding management and negotiations with the IMF are well marked. The Vice President demonstrated this in the last of her public letters. “It is a historical moment of extreme gravity and the definition that is adopted and approved may become the most authentic and true stock of memory for the development and growth with social inclusion of our country,” he said, referring to to the negotiations with the international organization.

An agreement with the IMF could give a boost to the management

Anyway, in this second stage of the Government, an agreement with the IMF would give a boost to the management and would allow it to have a little more wrist to face the last two years of the Fernández administration.

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Government entered injury time to close a agree with the IMF to reschedule the debt of US $ 44,000 million that it has with the agency. Occurs at times when the reserves Central Bank international transactions are located below maturities that the country has to face until March, according to different economists.

The IMF is not like any lender: In exchange for lower rates offered by the market and large amounts, it claims to accommodate some variables of the economy of the country that receives the loan to ensure that it can be repaid eventually. This is what does not convince hard Kirchnerism. Everything is a matter of days.

Now the challenge for the Casa Rosada will be to get the opposition to support the future agreement with the IMF.

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