Alberto Fernández, before the UIA: “We cannot relapse into irresponsible debt policies”

President Alberto Fernandez He ratified this Thursday that the Government asked the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that before closing the agreement for the US $ 44,000 million of debt “make your assessment of what was the failed stand by program”And the funds that“ were misused ”. “We cannot relapse into irresponsible debt policies”Said the president.

Fernández referred to this in this way when closing the 27th Conference organized by the Argentine Industrial Union (UIA) in Parque Norte, organized under the slogan “Exporting Argentine value, keys for a productive Mercosur”, where he defended his government management and again criticized the administration of the former head of state Mauricio Macri.

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In the conclusion panel, Fernández was accompanied by the head of the business center, Daniel Funes from Rioja; the person in charge of the 27th Industrial Conference, Luis Tendlarz, and the Young president of that meeting, Maria Furtado.

“We are convinced that Argentina’s dilemmas are answered by working in a tripartite manner, combining efforts to adapt to the new realities of production and work“Funes de Rioja said shortly before.

Alberto Fernández confirmed that an Argentine mission will travel to the United States for a meeting with the IMF

Before the businessmen of the UIA, the President confirmed that next week the technical teams from the Palacio de Hacienda will travel to the United States to continue negotiations with the IMF and that the Minister of Economy, Martín Guzmán, “is going to continue supervising from Buenos Aires.”

“We must solve the enormous problem of the foreign debt. We are in dialogue with the IMF “, said Fernández and questioned that” the loan granted is equivalent to all the aid that this organization gave to the world to cope with the damage caused by the pandemic. “

He also recalled that, as happened during the presidency of Néstor Kirchner, of which he was the Chief of Staff, his administration will face “the debt that others took on”, but clarified that the payment “It will not be based on any adjustment program”.

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“We seek that the debt does not prevent us from carrying out the multi-year program and reducing inflation,” he said. And in the same vein, he pointed out that “progress is being made in build understandings with the IMF so that on that basis we can reach an agreement ”.

However, the President clarified that the Government’s idea is that, before closing the agreement, the multilateral credit organization check the terms of the disbursement of the management of Macri.

“We ask the IMF to make its assessment of what was the failed stand-by program before we close,” whose funds were “misused.”

We need the IMF to make this evaluation, that will help us to understand each other.“, he claimed.

Alberto Fernández promised before the UIA to sign a decree with the 2030 Productive Plan

After mentioning the economic advances that have been taking place in the country due to the strong crisis of the coronavirus pandemic, the President asked “to put the value of everything that has gone through” and “to build the rebirth of Argentina without irreconcilable divisions, with sustained development and without recurring crises ”.

“In the coming weeks I will sign a decree with the Productive Plan 2030 to empower productive sectors, promote the generation of employment and new knowledge, exports and industry, “promised Fernández.

In the same vein, he said that in recovering a strong domestic market and promoting exports “there is no antinomy”, but clarified that he sees “with concern the international increase in food prices.”

Rogues can’t seize the moment for windfall profits. We are going to be very demanding in taking care of the prices of mass consumer products ”, he warned.

In the auditorium they listened to representatives of several of the companies identified as responsible for the soaring inflation. “I will be uncompromising with those who are abused in this context.“, The president warned and guaranteed that” in this second stage “of his government he will pay” all attention to face the problem of poverty and exclusion. “

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“We want a capitalism of production, with strong social inclusion and with upward social mobility to reduce the poverty into which millions of compatriots fell.. We cannot fall back on anti-industrial visions, on indiscriminate openings of the economy that destroy the national industryNor in socially exclusive policies, all this is deeply unfair and increases poverty, “he said in the middle of his only speech that sparked applause.

But he stepped forward, he warned them that one cannot fall “into policies that see work and social rights as an obstacle.”

Increasing productivity and competitiveness can never be at the cost of income and the rights of Argentines “added.

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