Alberto Fernández called a summit in Olivos with Massa and Guzmán after the failure of the 2022 Budget

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President Alberto Fernandez summoned the president of the Chamber of Deputies to a summit in Olivos Sergio Massa and the Minister of Economy Martin Guzman after the failure of the 2022 Budget in the lower house.

Official sources informed TN that the impact that the failure of the budget had on the Government House was tremendous and rekindled an internal crisis in the Frente de Todos.

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The failure of the budget revived the intern at the Frente de Todos

As indicated, the government did not expect Máximo Kirchner’s speech with harsh criticism of the opposition that made fall the fragile agreement to return the project to Commission.

In fact, when the session was designed, this closure was not planned by the head of the ruling bloc, but the deputy Victoria Tolosa Paz was going to speak since the Government wanted to guarantee that the minimum agreements they had reached with the opposition could be met.

Máximo Kirchner, head of the ruling party. (Photo: NA)

In the Casa Rosada they analyze that the situation that occurred this Friday in Congress has to do with the different positions between albertism and hard Kirchnerism on what to do with the payments and the agreement with the International Monetary Fund for the debt of $ 44 billion.

How was the rejection of the Budget 2022

The Chamber of Deputies rejected the 2022 Budget project of the Executive Power, within the framework of a session that demanded more than 20 hours debate, in which there were strong crossovers between the ruling party and the opposition.

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The initiative achieved the support of 121 legislators from the ruling party and their allies but was rejected by 132 opposition votes, despite the negotiations that were maintained until the last moment in search of consensus.

The speech of the son of the Vice President generated the rejection of the opposition of Together for Change, which decided to backtrack with what had been agreed in the framework of a quarter intermission: a motion of order to return the draft Budget 2022 on commission.


The Juntos interblock finally decided to reject that alternative and managed to prevail with a narrow majority of 128 votes out of 122 gathered by the ruling party.

This option to return to committee of the Budget 2022 project was also accompanied by the commitment of a new concurrence from the Minister of Economy, Martín Guzmán, to the Budget Committee.

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After that rejection, then, the 2022 Budget project was put up for consideration at the venue, which was rejected by 132 opposition votes, against 121 votes gathered by the ruling party and its allies, and one abstention.

In this way, the Executive Power was left without a Budget for 2022 given that, as the National Constitution mandates, if a project is rejected by a vote on the premises, then it cannot be dealt with again.

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