Alberto Fernández: “If we are really concerned about Cuba, let’s end the blockades”

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The president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, referred this Monday to the protests registered in Cuba against the shortage of supplies and the handling of the pandemic, and coincided with his Mexican counterpart, Manuel López Obrador, in repudiating above all the economic sanctions that the US keeps against the island.

“I do not know exactly the dimension of the problem in Cuba. What I am clear about, as Manuel López Obrador said, is that If we are really concerned about what happens, let’s end the blockades, which are doing incalculable damage and also to Venezuela. “said the president during an interview with Radio 10.

Fernández recalled that in the last two meetings of the G20 he asked “Please end the locks in the world”, especially in the context of the coronavirus.

“There is nothing more inhumane in a pandemic than economically blocking a country. When you block a country, you block a society, and that is the least humanitarian thing there is, “he said.

Regarding the protests that took place over the weekend in Cuba, Fernández admitted that “he does not know exactly the dimension” of the demands, but considered that in any case “All these things have to be resolved by the peoples” sovereignly.

“I am not the one who should tell the people what to do; neither Argentina nor any country in the world,” said the Argentine president. And he added: “We do have to promote peace and that the peoples find dialogue and the way out.”

This Monday, the president of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, accused the United States of applying against his country “a policy of economic suffocation” with the aim of provoking “social outbreaks.” The president assured that Washington “has tried to impose actions to discredit the Government and the revolution and fracture the unity of the people“.

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Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez accused the State Department and USAID of financing a company that would have unleashed the media campaign against the island.

Last June, the United Nations General Assembly almost unanimously approved a resolution demanding the end of the US commercial, economic and financial blockade against Cuba.

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