Alberto Fernández ratifies his decision to make the Internet a public service in Argentina

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The president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, reaffirmed this Monday his decision to “make the Internet a public service” with the aim of guaranteeing access to all citizens and avoiding abuses with the price of fares.

“It is unthinkable to live in a world where connectivity does not reach everyone. They get angry because I say that the Internet is a public service … get angry! Because we are going to make the Internet a public service so that it reaches all Argentine men and women and that they do not cheat us or rob us with the rates, “said the president.

Their statements were delivered during the presentation ceremony of the ‘Argentina Program’ plan, aimed at training 60,000 young people from all over the country in programming, and which includes subsidies of 100,000 pesos (1,030 dollars) to purchase computers and free connection cards to Internet.

In August of last year, the Fernández government issued a Decree of Necessity and Urgency (DNU) that classifies Internet services, telephony – landline and mobile – and pay television as “essential public services”, which determines new limitations towards private companies in Argentina, considering that these communication systems are basic tools to ensure other rights, such as work and education.

The measure raised questions on the part of the companies that offer these services, since it establishes “the establishment of rules by the State to guarantee equitable, fair and affordable access “.In other words, before applying a price increase, private companies must obtain the approval of the National Communications Agency (Enacom).

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With this policy, Argentina resumed the imprint imparted in 2014, during the mandate of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, when the legislation known as the Argentina Digital Law was enacted. Under the Macri administration, several of these provisions were modified.

In his speech, Fernández confirmed that, despite the accusations he receives from the opposition, his Government will continue with the objective of “expand rights”, aware that Argentina still “it is an unjust country”.

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