Alberto Fernández will finally attend the UIA conference

President Alberto Fernandez will attend this afternoon, starting at 19, at the close of the 27th Conference organized by the Argentine Industrial Union (UIA) in Parque Norte, under the slogan “Exporting Argentine value, keys for a productive Mercosur.”

Who will participate in the panel with the President

Also participating in the conclusion panel will be the head of the business center, Daniel Funes de Rioja; the person in charge of the 27th Industrial Conference, Luis Tendlarz, and the Young President of that meeting, María Furtado.

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The chief of the Cabinet participated in the conference of the business center, Juan Manzur, the Ministers of Productive Development, Matías Kulfas; the one of Work, Claudio Moroni; The chancellor Santiago Cafiero and the president of the Central Bank Miguel Pesce, among others.

Despite recent crossings with the business sector due to prices, the Government made a full landing in the most important event of the industrial center and send approach signals.

Defending economic management amid negotiations with the IMF

In this way, the Casa Rosada put its entire front line to defend economic management and negotiation with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in two opposite paths. On the one hand, the entire official line-up attended the UIA and, on the other hand, yesterday Martin Guzman met this Wednesday with the CGT.

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Chief of Staff Manzur said he had no doubts that “we are going to reach an agreement and it will be the best possible agreement for the Argentine people”. In addition, he acknowledged that there are “difficulties”, but said that they are “absolutely convinced of the potential that the country has.”

The former governor of Tucumán stressed that “the businessmen rose to the occasion.”

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