Alberto Fernández will meet with Vladimir Putin in Russia and with Xi Jinping in China

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President Alberto Fernandez will hold a bilateral meeting with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, next February 3 in the city of Moscow.

This was indicated by high-ranking sources from the Casa Rosada, who detailed that it is “a bilateral meeting that I was pending and will be about collaboration on vaccines”.

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In addition, they detailed that Fernández and Putin will talk about issues related to “investments and collaboration in science and topics of common interest.

The President of Argentina and Russia maintained numerous contacts since the beginning of the Government of the Front of All in 2019, mainly due to the coronavirus pandemic and the Russian vaccine Sputnik V. However, they were always encounters virtual or conversations telephone. February’s will be first face-to-face meeting between both leaders.

The last contact of Fernández and Putin was last november. They spoke by phone for 30 minutes and, according to the Foreign Ministry, highlighted “the cooperation between both nations when facing the challenge of the pandemic.”

The presidents had planned to meet at the G20 meeting last October in Rome, but the bilateral meeting could not be held due to “scheduling issues”.

After meeting with Putin on February 3 in Moscow, Alberto Fernández will travel to China the next day, where he will participate in the opening of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. On February 5, he plans to meet with the Chinese president, Xi Jinping.

In the past two years, Fernández has also maintained Phone conversations with his Chinese counterpart, with whom he discussed the pandemic and investments. In addition, the President also participated virtually in the international act organized by the Xi Jinping government by the 100 years of the Communist Party of that country.

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