Alberto Fernández’s international agenda: meeting with Bolsonaro and balance between the US and China

Alberto Fernández's international agenda: meeting with Bolsonaro and balance between the US and China

With the national political landscape clearer in the short term after the legislative elections, the agenda of Alberto Fernandez now happens to close the agreement with the IMF and be strong on the outside: While preparing his first heads-up with his Brazilian counterpart, Jair Bolsonaro, the President tries to balance his relationship with the two main superpowers, United States and China.

In a new attempt to get closer to Brazil, Alberto Fernández participated on Wednesday -by videoconference- in the tribute that was held at the Argentine Embassy in Brasilia to the former Brazilian president José Sarney, one of the founders of Mercosur.

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“We work every day so that this union grows for mutual benefit with the conviction that it is not only possible, but absolutely necessary,” said the Argentine president.

Shortly before, Bolsonaro had sent a recorded message with a wink: “We ask God in particular that this friendship last forever. In the end, Brazil and Argentina are neighbors and partners ”.

The crossing occurs when two weeks from what will be the first face-to-face meeting between both heads of state, after two years of conflictive relationship. It will be at the meeting of Mercosur presidents, based in Brasilia on December 16 and 17.

“I am convinced that next December 17 will be a great occasion within the framework of a new Mercosur summit that will mark the first visit of President Alberto Fernández to Brazil with the spirit of deepen the strategic alliance”, Affirmed the Argentine ambassador in Brazil, Daniel Scioli.

United States: an uncomfortable invitation for Alberto Fernández

Days ago the President received a invitation from Joe Biden that put him between a rock and a hard place: You must decide soon if you will attend the Summit of Leaders for Democracy, which the United States government will carry out next Thursday and for two days in Washington. Fernández’s presence, of course, makes several of his closest allies uncomfortable.

On the one hand, Biden did not invite Bolivia or China, included Taiwan in the list of participants (the government of Xi Jinping questioned it immediately) and an event is expected with strong criticism of Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua. Neither will the Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

In need of US support in the middle of negotiating with the International Monetary Fund for the loan of US $ 44,000 million, Alberto delays his response. His presence, for now, is anyone’s guess.

Argentina closes agreements with China

Hours ago, the Government took a step forward towards the signing of the memorandum of understanding of the Chinese initiative “One Strip One Route” (the formal and adapted name of the old Silk Road), with which the Asian giant seeks to land in Argentina with investments and projects.

During a meeting between the ambassador in Beijing, Sabino Vaca Narvaja, and the Chinese Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology, Zhang Kejian, agreed to advance in three axes: the defense industry, the nuclear area and the space industry.

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It’s all about strategic matters very sensitive in the relationship with the United States, that does not see with good eyes the government’s rapprochement with China.

On the other hand, Xi Jinping invited the President to his country in February next and it is discounted that Fernández will accept it.

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