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Alec Baldwin Wasn't the Only 'Rust' Actor with Live Ammo On Set

Alec Baldwin Wasn’t the Only ‘Rust’ Actor with Live Ammo On Set

Alec Baldwin wasn’t the only actor on the “Rust” movie set with live ammunition. Another actor was found to have a live bullet in his gun holster.

The bombshell news was just dropped in court today as part of crime scene technician Marissa Poppell‘s testimony in Alec’s ongoing manslaughter trial in New Mexico.

Poppell told the jury that actor Jensen Ackles also had a live bullet on set. The ammo was in his bandolier, and he was on set the day cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was fatally shot.

Remember, Alec’s defense team, led by Alex Spiro, argues it wasn’t his job as an actor to ensure there was no live ammo in his gun. Alec has also maintained that the gun went off without him squeezing the trigger.

Images of live ammo found on the “Rust” set were also shown in court Thursday. The bullets look strikingly similar to dummy rounds.

The only slight difference is that live bullets have a silver center as seen from the bottom, whereas dummy rounds have a gold center.

So, even if Alec had checked the revolver, it doesn’t seem likely he would have been able to tell the difference between dummy rounds and live ammunition.

Spiro asked Poppell if she had any reason to think Jensen knew there was a live round in his gun holster, and she said no. The implication is that Alec would not have known about a live round in his gun either.

In addition to a live bullet in Alec’s gun and one in Jensen’s gun holster, live ammo was also found in a prop cart and a box of ammunition.
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It’s worth noting that armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed has already been found guilty of manslaughter based on her failure to ensure Alec’s gun didn’t have any live ammo.