Alec Baldwin’s Clear Message After Receiving Reckless Homicide Lawsuit

Alec Baldwin

In the last hours, the relatives of Halyna Hutchins denounced Alec Baldwin, who held the gun that killed the filmmaker and, in addition, was the producer of ‘Rust’. Therefore, the lawyers believe that the actor is ultimately responsible for the tragic event.

The announcement was made official by attorney Brian Panish, representing the late filmmaker’s husband, Matthew Hutchins, and their son, Andros. The lawyer defined the behavior of Baldwin and the rest of those responsible for the accident as “reckless”, which led to a “senseless and tragic” death.

According to the legal representatives of the deceased cinematographer, up to 15 safety protocols were breached during the filming of ‘Rust’: “If they had followed them, this would never have happened.”

Shortly after, the actor, very assiduous in social networks, published on his Instagram account a video in which during his 25 seconds he only focused on some luminous signs in the middle of the night that said: “Everything is going to be fine”. Next to the post, he mentioned the profile of Parrish Art Museum, to which these signs may belong.

The family of Alec Baldwin, his great support in the face of the accusations

Since the investigation began after Halyna’s death on the set of ‘Rust’, Baldwin has always been predisposed to collaborate with the process, going so far as to say, “No one wants the truth more than I do.”

But weeks after the fateful accident, the family of Halyna Hutchins pointed to the American producer as the maximum responsible for what happened. The filmmaker’s father blamed her saying he didn’t understand her behavior.

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Meanwhile, the pillar where the actor’s faith is sustained is that of his family. His children and his wife, Hilaria Baldwin, have had gestures of unconditional support towards him, such as the last messages that his wife has dedicated to him under the protection of their children.

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