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Alec Baldwin’s Intense ‘Pulled the Trigger’ Testimony at Rust Trial

Alec Baldwin’s involuntary manslaughter trial is currently underway, with significant attention on the tragic incident that resulted in the death of Halyna Hutchins on the set of Rust in 2021.

The trial began with testimony from Officer Nicholas LeFleur of the Santa Fe County Police Department, who was the first witness called to the stand. According to Deadline, Officer LeFleur provided critical evidence during his testimony.

Special Prosecutor Kari Morrissey questioned LeFleur, who shared his experience as a Sheriff’s department officer and detailed his arrival at the Bonanza Creek Ranch shortly after the shooting occurred.

LeFleur recounted his interactions with Baldwin, stating that he spoke with the actor to determine the sequence of events that transpired. The most significant part of his testimony came when he relayed what Baldwin had said about the gun.

“I believe he told me he was holding the gun,” LeFleur disclosed during his conversation with Baldwin.

Additionally, LeFleur mentioned that a crew member informed him that “Baldwin pulled the trigger.” This statement is crucial as it contradicts Baldwin’s earlier claims about the incident.

The actor continued to insist that the 1880s Colt .45 had discharged in his hand without pulling the trigger. If the prosecution can prove that Baldwin did pull the trigger, it could significantly bolster their case.

On the trial’s opening day, the prosecution emphasized that Baldwin had violated set safety rules. Special prosecutor Erlinda Johnson addressed the court, pointing out inconsistencies in Baldwin’s statements post-incident.

“After the shooting, the defendant began to claim he did not pull the trigger,” Johnson stated. “The evidence will show, ladies and gentlemen, that’s not possible.”

Johnson further argued, “That gun the defendant had asked to be assigned, worked perfectly fine, as it was designed. One of the main problems that afternoon of October 21 was that the defendant didn’t do a gun safety check with that inexperienced armor.”

The “inexperienced armor” referred to in Johnson’s statement is Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, who is currently incarcerated.

Johnson continued to argue, “He pointed the gun at another human being, cocked the hammer, and pulled that trigger with reckless disregard for Ms. Hutchins’ safety.”

In contrast, Baldwin’s lead lawyer, Alex Spiro, focused on another aspect of the incident.

“The most critical issue in this case is how a real bullet got on a movie set,” Spiro asserted.

The trial centers around the fatal shooting of Halyna Hutchins and the injury of Rust’s director, Joel Souza, who were both affected when the Colt .45 fired a live round during rehearsal.

Baldwin was recharged with involuntary manslaughter in January, a year after initially being charged. He has entered a not-guilty plea. The trial is expected to last for a week and a half, requiring Baldwin’s daily attendance. If convicted, he could face up to 18 months in prison and substantial fines.

As the trial progresses, key questions remain: How did live rounds end up on set? Is Baldwin ultimately responsible for the gun’s safety? And did he indeed pull the trigger?

The court proceedings will continue to unravel these critical questions as more evidence and testimonies are presented.

Source: Deadline