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Alejandra Baigorria faces ‘The Court’ of EEG and leaves him silent (VIDEO) – MAG.

The member of ‘This is war’, trolled the Court, after he raised his voice in protest because two new recruits, the Argentines Matías Ochoa and Azul Granton, were sent to the warriors without giving the combatants the opportunity to fight for them.

It all happened when the Court called the attention of the combatant for claiming and told her: “When you speak, you start crying … And then you say: ‘I quit and I quit’ … Don’t tell me that you are going to cry”.

Faced with the mockery of ‘El Tribunal’, Alejandra Baigorria did not remain silent and sent him a dart: “I cry, what is the problem … I also resign, whatever you want, but what I say is true and the fans know it … Ah, but I resign and you call me later”.

What caused the laughter and the commotion of all his companions, even the drivers Gian Piero Diaz and Johanna San Miguel. And the silence of ‘The Court’ that after a few minutes reacted.

As it is recalled, the conflict between the combatants and ‘El Tribunal’ began because it arbitrarily decided that the new members Matías Ochoa and Azul Granton would join the warriors, causing the outrage of the red and green team.

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