“Alejandro Marcovich faces serious accusations of family violence exposed by journalist Lydia Cacho”

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Guitarist Alejandro Marcovich has had a prolific musical history, with a solo career and participation in the cult group Las insólitas imágenes de Aurora, as well as being the lead guitarist in legendary Mexican band Caifanes. However, reports have emerged of his history of violence towards his family. Marcovich has had a public restraining order from his wife and children for a couple of years after being evaluated as a danger due to his “high risk of femicide violence” and violence that he carried out against them throughout his life.

Journalist and founder of the Comprehensive Center for Attention to Women (CIAM) in Cancun, Mexico, Lydia Cacho, has revealed with the authorization of the victims a series of abuses, including physical, psychological, sexual, and patrimonial violence that they first reported to the authorities in 2014. Among the allegations, Marcovich is accused of harassing a 17-year-old student, using violence against his family, and being racist towards medical personnel treating him at the Cancer Hospital in Mexico City.

Cacho alleges that Marcovich used influence and acts of corruption to destroy his own family and protect himself from justice. The column has generated reactions, with some defending the musician, claiming that art should be separated from the artist. However, Marcovich’s family is protected by the Eagle Code, with the police taking care of them 24 hours a day due to the danger and power of the aggressor.

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