“Alessandro’s Joyous News: Welcoming the Arrival of a Grandchild!”

Ana Obregón Reveals Her Granddaughter Through HELLO! Magazine

The cover of HELLO! magazine featuring Ana Obregón has made headlines in national media, opening up discussions all around. Joaquín Prat, host of El programa de Ana Rosa, focused on this topic during the first minutes of his show, where he introduced Ana Obregón’s newborn granddaughter, Ana Sandra Lequio Obregón, daughter of Aless, granddaughter of Alessandro Lequio.

Prat continued by saying that “Finally we know the whole truth, although it was almost vox populi, about that girl who was born in Miami by surrogacy. Ana says that it was the last will of her son Aless hers.” During the debate table, Prat asked for opinions, “I don’t know if you are more shocked by the news that ¡HOLA! gave last week, that Ana Obregón had been a mother by surrogate motherhood in Miami or if you are more shocked by the news that ¡HOLA! magazine gives today on the cover.”

Ana Obregón, who lost her son to cancer last year, explained that her son’s last will was for her to introduce their daughter as her granddaughter, “She is a daughter of Aless and when he grows up I will tell him that his father was a hero, so that he knows who he is and how proud he should be of him”. She expressed how proud she is of her late son and how this moment feels like she has been “born again”.

Last week, Alessandro Lequio declined to comment on Ana Obregón’s decision, but later revealed that he knew of the process. When Ana’s sisters, Celia and Amalia, were present and had additional details on the situation. Nonetheless, Ana Obregón’s story has left the public in awe of her strength and love for her son and granddaughter.

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