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Alex McCluskey’s son will sue Luis Miguel for the Netflix series: "You messed with the wrong person"

One week after the premiere of the third and final season of Luis Miguel, the series on the streaming service Netflix and in just seven days we have already had some controversies that have caused us to talk. In this case, he raised his voice Matías McCluskey, son of former manager Alex McCluskey, and He destroyed the singer for one of the scenes in the first episodes that did not leave his father well at all.

In the third installment, it is announced that the Sol de México production company receives a lawsuit for plagiarism and puts the release of their album at risk “Nothing is the same”. It was about an Argentine interpreter whose representative was McCluskey back then, so they meet again in fiction to fix the situation. What happened was that there they show it as an act of revenge for leaving Publishow and canceling their dates, so he makes a check for 500 thousand dollars and an apartment.

That is why Matias McCluskey, his son, talked to the program Windowing and assured that will sue the artist for dirtying the memory of his father. In the interview he said: “Putting my father as an extortionist … He’s a coward, he’s a son of a p … I had already dishonored my father saying that my father worked behind your back with Laura Pausini, and he never met her in his life”. Then he added: “So you bring something personal with my father and I can’t believe you didn’t let him rest in peace.”.

Then he raised his words: “I never messed with your mother, sisters and not even with you. I always defended you, they always asked me about your health and said something else, but it’s time to tell the truth … what I kept quiet about, I’m going to say now”. “Luis Miguel is addicted to me … you were so high that you didn’t realize that people were stealing from you”explained Matias.

McCluskey He said that he will advance through legal channels against Luis Miguel: “I am going to make a personal judgment directly to Luis Miguel, I don’t give a damn if he wrote or did not write, I am hurt, very anguished and very angry”. In addition, he made it clear to have an idea of open his own YouTube channel in which he will tell all the stories that were never made known about the singer.

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