Alexa already has its own widget on iPhone

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Alexa is one of the virtual assistants that have crept into homes and all thanks to its smart speakers. We have even seen how it works in some ads, which is something very simple to do searches on the net or even order a product. But the interesting thing is that if you have its application on an Apple device you will soon be able to use Alexa through iPhone widgets.

The Alexa widget comes to your iPhone screen

All users of an iPhone device already know the benefits of the widgets that came with the iPhone 14. Depending on the application, you may or may not have a small function to place on the home screen of the terminal, and now it seems that it is your turn to Amazon’s virtual assistant. And it is that the firm will finally get much more out of its software thanks to the new Alexa widget that you can use.

This is an important advance when it comes to using the assistant, since until now it was only possible to use it by first entering the application. For this reason, using Siri was always the first option, although it probably remains that way thanks to the voice activation that the Internet giant’s application lacks. Whatever the case, Alexa already has a widget that is activated with a single press.

Of course, depending on what counts Lifehacker, you will have to activate the permissions to use the microphone in order for the widget to hear you. Then everything is as simple as asking the question or requesting the purchase you need. Then you just have to wait for the answer you need

A more effective ‘enemy at home’

Virtual assistants are effective tools if you know how to use them. There are many that have their own programs and in fact some can be downloaded from the application store. Alexa and its new widget is a clear example, but so is Google Assistant, which It also has its own application available on the App Store.

For this reason, Siri has even more competition to fight on its own ground, although it is a fact that users of an Apple terminal end up using the tools of the ecosystem itself that gives them a much better result than the rest. In the end, the decision is up to the user himself, who of course has all these options.


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