Alexa has some skills, and this is how you can configure it to get them

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Alexa has some skills, and this is how you can configure it to get them

Alexa, the virtual assistant developed by the company Amazon, has some skills that very few know. Which are applications managed by the smart speaker’s operating system and the you can easily download to be able to use them.

Although the Amazo’s hornn is a device that is used by voice, it is necessary to configure it previously to be able to use the skills, among which you can find: “Guess the song”, a kind of game; “Environmental sounds”, an app for when you need to relax a bit or focus.

Another skill that you can find on the Amazon device is “Crazy curiosities”, a skill that you can use when you want to know interesting facts. Undoubtedly, these skills of entertainment, information, learning and much more, could surprise users.

In case you want to configure your Alexa to download the skills, you need enter the virtual assistant application. Later you should go to the menu section, which is located at the bottom of the right side in the button that says “more”.

There you will find various options, including the call “Skills and games”, which you must select. By doing this, you will find “application store”, such as the most downloaded or recommended, ordered by category and your skills.

In this way you can find one that you like or simply use the search engine located in the upper right and find a specific one. When you have already found the one indicated simply you select the activate skill button and you’re done.

Amazon Alexa is a voice-controlled virtual assistant, it was launched in November 2014 along with its line of Echo smart speakers. His name was chosen for having a strong consonant at the beginning and including an x, something that would make his name easier for the wizard to recognize, and also in honor of the Library of Alexandria.

Similar to other devices like Google Assistant, Siri y Cortana, this Amazon speaker serves as a smart home hub, as its functions include controlling internet-connected devices such as smart lights, thermostats, and electronic devices such as televisions. However, it also provides information and makes a variety of other requests.

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