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Alexandra Breckenridge’s passion that has little to do with Virgin River’s Mel

With only three seasons on Netflix, Virgin River does not stop reaping successes on the platform and, also, increasing its fans. The series, which follows the life of Mel, a nurse who after experiencing one of the greatest tragedies of her life decides to leave everything behind and move to the small town named after fiction to have a new beginning, is now one of the favorites of the users.

Full of love, drama and fascinating landscapes, Virgin River stars Alexandra Breckenridge who plays Mel and Martin Henderson, the actor who gave life to Jack. The artists, despite having a great career outside of this strip, catapulted themselves to international fame with this fiction, but even so they seem to be very different from their characters.

Beyond the love that Mel and Jack transmit as a couple, Breckenridge and Henderson are just friends behind the scenes and also have passions that take them away from their characters. And, the one who most reveals the love he has outside the cameras is precisely Alexandra, who through Instagram usually shares her life with her followers.

On this occasion, the great passion that the actress has that has little to do with Mel de Virgin River it’s the tattoos. In the strip the artist does not see any drawing on the skin, but the reality is that they are covered by makeup since, through the networks, she usually shows the amount she has. They are all small and easy to hide designs in case you need it for a television job like the one you are currently working on.

Alexandra Breckenridge’s tattoos. Photo: (Getty)

According to what is seen in her photographs, Alexandra Breckenridge has different tattoos on her body, among which she is: two on her arm, one on her shoulder blade and one on her leg. Their meanings are unknown, but The interpreter more than once assured that she loves to have tattoos and enjoys them, even if they cannot be seen in her series.


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